About Zander-Greg

ZANDER GREG, Inc. was founded in Pasadena, CA way back in the year 1995 and from our humble beginnings has now evolved to be one of the most trusted& sought after tobacco distributors not just in California but all over the USA.

We have always been committed to understanding & fulfilling the needs of our customers by constantly providing a wide selection of fine tobacco products & accessories to suit every taste & budget.

To complement the above-mentioned advantage, our central corporate headquarters along with our huge climate-controlled tobacco warehouse is strategically located at the heart of Pasadena. On top of this, another edge is our long history of good relations with major shipping companies that help ensure the prompt delivery of all our valued customers' orders.

With the same principles of honesty & integrity that allowed us to build our vast loyal clientele over the years, we are now in this process of pioneering in marketing our products online to all qualified customers within and very soon beyond the USA!

Service Excellence

Aside from this new online facility, our team of devoted sales & marketing representatives are always within reach to provide personalized customer assistance in your buying decision processon full-line tobacco products – from cigarettes, cigars, smoking / smoke-less tobacco as well as related accessories.

Our professional staff members have a combined industry marketing experience of over 50 years and their superior product knowledge combined with a good grasp of the industry trends will beyour edge to being more competitive in your business.

Quality Assurance

Among our topmost priority is to ensure that all the products we ship to you are as fresh as the day they landed in our shelves. ZANDER GREG, Inc. operates one of the largest climate-controlled tobacco storage facilities in California –with hundreds of thousands of cubic feet of storage space fully equipped with state-of-the-art humidifying technology.


Aside from carrying a vast majority of the most popular brands of premium cigars, tobacco products from A to Z as well as hundreds of related tobacco accessories, Zander-Greg, Inc. also markets our proprietary line of fine cigars that are often regarded to be so remarkably priced low for such an exceptional product. Among these are the renowned NAT CICCO Cigar line.

When Nat Cicco's Churchill and Robusto Rejects first appeared in 1965, they were the original cigars to create the idea of bargain-priced, hand-rolled cigars under the 'factory rejects' theme.

Contrary to its name, they were hardly rejects at all, being filled with extra-select medium-length picadura (tobacco remnants) which includes Honduran and Dominican tobacco leaves, with the wrapper in Connecticut broad leaf from some of America's most prestigious and sought-after premium cigars.

In 2007, Zander-Geg, Inc. bought the entire Nat Cicco product line and with today's tough economy, we've now moved Nat Cicco cigars to center stage in our portfolio. Previous Nat Cicco retailers and smokers are showing excitement at seeing Nat Cicco cigars return to the market. This is especially true of Churchill and Robusto Rejects, along with Nat Cicco's popular Jamaican Rounds. It is worth noting that the cigars still contain the same, top-quality tobaccos from the same manufacturer, without cutting any corners.

Zander-Greg is now recapturing those customers, with a newly-launched, ambitious marketing thrust. Advertisements in leading tobacco publications feature Churchill and Robusto Rejects. New artwork for bands, packaging and promotional material is in process, and in-store sales aids are now available.

While keeping good focus on the Rejects line, Zander-Greg is also offering all other Nat Cicco cigars like the Plazas & Governor line. Similar to the Rejects and Jamaican Rounds, all are machine-bunched, with the fillers mentioned above, a homogenized binder and hand-rolled, extra-select-quality natural tobacco wrapper.

Nat Cicco's namesake was National Cigar Company, Inc., its now-defunct manufacturer. Decades past, someone added the extra "c" in the company's anagram, perhaps suggesting an Italian persona, for a decades-old ad campaign.

In 2010, we introduced our first true premium cigar, CUBAN LEGENDS, as part of our Nat Cicco brand. These fine cigars boast of select Cuban-seed Rosado wrappers and the finest Nicaraguan filler blends - all handmade in Nicaragua.

Over the years, the Nat Cicco Rejects, their counterparts, and now the Cuban Legends, have proven to be among the greatest of cigars for the money, providing a smooth & refined smoke to many cigar enthusiasts in the USA.

24/7 Online Ordering System

ZANDER GREG, Inc. owns and operates www.zandergreg.com, www.zander-greg.com, www.nat-cicco.com, among others. Our latest website upgrade strategically complements our dedicated sales force & customer service representatives beyond the normal office working hours by offering the very same superior quality tobacco products, cigars & accessories at the convenience of your own home or business center, at your own convenient time, through your own personal online account.

Onsite Cash & Carry Store

Our Onsite "Cash & Carry" Store is the place to be for store operators in Pasadena, CA and nearby areas who are looking for a fast, convenient & cost-effective way to get their inventories on full line tobacco products & even some popular confectionery items! Great deals on the same fine inventory available through our printed catalog and our website are made available to all licensed buyers every Mondays through Fridays from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. In addition, we often have weekly & monthly specials with remarkable discounts available only on this website! Our customers love the innovative system where they can simply call in advance for their orders, then our representatives prepare their items just in time for pick-up. It's faster, more convenient & more cost efficient!